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day @ the park

went cycling with sarah at east coast park today. i guess it is a positve change from the usual eatout/catch-a-movie outing.

i also wanted to scout 1-twenty six, where i will be shooting jeffrey and jasmine’s wedding this coming saturday. pretty swanky location, i have to say. am really looking forward to it.

the premises of the old “big splash” have been converted to a nice dining area, including a carl’s jr with its gigantic yellow star screaming at passers-by.

i shot a bunch of photos at bedok jetty and below are my favourites from the grab today.

this one was shot right at the end of the jetty, facing inland. shooting into the sun allows opportunities to create silhouettes, which was what i did here by knocking down the exposure and killing a bit of the ambient light. a small aperture gave the light source a distinct “star-burst” effect. applied a bi-colour treatment in photoshop for the finish.

the fishermen at the jetty were kind of uninteresting so i shot their bait instead. i have always wondered what’s the fun in hooking teeny little fishes in the hot sun. to each his/her own idiosyncracies i guess.

shot a quick portrait of sarah. with the strong sun illuminating her i could drop the exposure a little to get the skies in the background a little bluer. my only gripe with this photo is that i can’t really see her eyes since it is uncomfortable with the sunlight right at them. love the wind-swept hair though.

grabbed this one with one hand on the handlebar and one holding the camera as we were headed back out. i was trying to match sarah’s speed on the bike and track her at the same time with a slow shutter to record the motion. was not able to get her sharp, but the expression and the feel of the photo is priceless nonetheless. applied a film effect in photoshop to add that little touch of nostalgia.

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