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jeffrey & jasmine

many thanks once again to jeffrey and jasmine for making me a part of their big day. the pressue of covering a wedding and creating images that capture the essence and the memories of the important day is great, though at the same time a very rewarding experience.

below are my favourites from the day (you would have seen some of them in the slideshow above) with the accompanying captions.

the day started at the grand mecure roxy at roxy square. the sky was just starting to light up with a bluish hint and i thought that the warm lights of the hotel contrasted nicely with it.

went on to do some make-up shots and capture some details as well.

the groom arrived shortly after with his brothers to “crash the gate” (except there was no real gate in this case). the door games then began, orchestrated by the bride’s sisters. they included:

having to consume a variety of food items that normally have no place together (think wasabi replacing kaya in sandwiches). a true gastronomical experience;

the brothers taking turns to “act the goat”. they had to behave and sound like the animals they drew. what kind of sounds do giraffes and earthworms make?

the groom then had to sign a treaty that was unfairly favourable to the bride. girls, you can get away with a lot on your wedding day so better milk it dry!

after singing a cantonese love song, jeffrey was finally granted access.

we then headed over to the groom’s place for the tea ceremony and some of the other customary activities. i like the way the sidelight caught the bride’s veil. gives the photo a luminous quality. oh, the sign for context.

some more details.

we then went over to a park nearby to do a little photoshoot. did not really have a lot of time to do it and it was midday so the light was not exactly the best so had to make do and see what i could do in post.

the couple with their crew.

played around with the cross-processed look for the series of pictures above. the one directly above was used as the closing slide of the slideshow.

was actually hoping to do a few more photos at east coast where the dinner was to be held at 1-twenty six. great light approaching sunset but as with all weddings, time is of the essence so as usual, just made the best of what i had to work with. and of course, grab a few portraits on the fly, such as the ones below.

an idea of the setting…

some candids…

above is charlotte, having a go at the rings. got to thank her for getting the restaurant to get me some food before the proceedings started because i was feeling really hungry!

the light started to fade and go dim after the first march-in and frankly, it was technically really challenging to shoot. the place was lit only by some spots and candles, with no white or even light-coloured ceiling to bounce the flash off. great ambience, not so great for the photographer though, haha.

thankfully, i had my homemade foam bounce card and a couple of fast primes. the 5d performed not too badly at iso 1600, though many times i wished i had the 5d mark 2! dragged the shutter as much as i dared and mixed that with the flash.

it was lovely to see jeffrey and jasmine perform. i think the gift of music is amazing, and even more so when 2 people in love play it together.

my very best wishes to jeffrey and jasmine once again! remember – love, life, laughter!

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