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faces & friends from camp

i had a really good break last week at camp, just hanging out and catching up with friends. really enjoyed the late night suppers and irreverent chatter, which was peppered with references to ‘the struggle’, well-conceptualised by thiam peng and finely elucidated by wei li here.

photography-wise, i shot mostly with my 50mm. i was not looking to cover the camp, rather capture expressions and moments, generally for myself and my friends. below i have posted my favourites.

wei li posing with weed bombs. patent pending.

marcus not acting his age, haha. you are awesome man.

kudos to the various foc 2009 committees for doing a magnificent job and no doubt giving the freshies a camp that they will never forget. clearly, a lot of heart and soul went into this effort and i am sure that a bar has been set, and it will one for future committees to aspire to and to even surpass.

to view the rest of the photos, visit my facebook album by clicking here.

for more posts on photography, click here.


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