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things come in tumbles.

point is, watch this space. there is going to be an explosion of information — content generated during the past week when i finally had to kiss my lazy holidays behind and actually get down to doing some work. not that i did not enjoy it though. i pray and hope that i get to spend the rest of my life wrestling with light, capturing moments and uncovering facts. stu maschwitz at prolost calls taking the perfect photo FML (fact+moment+light). nice acronym but can’t be further from the truth though.

also, i would like to keep this space more regularly updated. more tumbles to the people.

i am actually rather excited that school will be in session again. as usual, i psych myself and promise a semester of toil but my best friend procrastination is seldom long away on vacation. we will see.

so you will.

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One response

  1. Wei Jian

    Hi Chee Chang,

    My name is Wei Jian (Isaac), a student from NIE PE. I went through the photos you have taken and great shots you have taken!

    I would like to know your criteria in looking for your models as I am keen find out more:)

    Cheers and Thanks!


    Wednesday September 2, 2009 at 12:10 am

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