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how a droplet of blood became a torrent

was on my way to punggol yesterday when i caught this on the train. it was a strange sight.

was at punggol beach in the evening when amos fell and cut his palm on some rocks while walking out into the sea. he managed to save his camera though, which was rather heroic. it seems like people value their possessions more than themselves – i once heard a story of how this musician fell while going on stage with her guitar. she broke her hips and the guitar? never left her hand.

after that pamy’s dad fetched us to a clinic, where amos got the cut cleaned out. thankfully it was not that bad to the point where stitches were required.

amos getting a tetanus shot. now you know how doctors make so much money, especially the pushy ones.

latest update is that amos is fine and has removed the bandage.

now for some happy photos from punggol.

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