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been busy the past couple of days, mostly with editing my photos and also assisting wei ming of stardust imaging with a school yearbook shoot.

frankly speaking, i was pleasantly surprised that some schools these days are insisting that their yearbooks be creatively conceptualised, designed and photographed, unlike the usual boring fare that characterises this business.

it is really an experience to watch a seasoned photographer at work, to try to understand what goes on in the photographer’s mind by observing his actions. no amount of theory from books can be better than “real-life education”. you may think you know everything until you notice the little tricks and techniques, probably also picked up through years of assisting and shooting.

will be shooting a wedding lunch tomorrow and then it’s back to clearing the backlog. i just bought a lonely planet guide for nepal so i will be going through that from cover to cover. like yusuf said, the 4 of us going just wish that this semester could be over and done with so we can start our little adventure abroad.

let time run its course.

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