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my 2009 jaunt to malacca

i traveled up to malacca for 3 days a couple of weekends ago to visit my relatives there and to just take a break in general. everytime i visit, i wish i could stay a little longer but with all the work i had to clear back home, a short trip was all i could afford.

below are the photos i have selected to share, with the accompanying captions. enjoy.

my second aunt’s beloved kampung house, also my accommodation during my visit. the house was renovated a while ago and the once wooden walls replaced with concrete. for me, a stay here beats any fancy hotel anytime.

the outhouse where you can take a shower with water pumped from a well.

view from my bed.

2 of my extremely loving and generous aunts – second and fifth.

hospitality extended. a meal whipped up by my second aunt, who is one hell of a cook.

scenes from the window of my cousin’s car. it rained a lot while i was there.

no trip to malacca would be complete without a stop at a satay celup (a variety of bites on satay sticks cooked in a spicy, peanut-based gravy) outlet, so i had dinner at the best satay celup establishment in malacca, and possibly the known world – ban lee siang.

this is the real deal. satay celup stalls live and die by the taste and the quality of the gravy that the food is cooked in.

the old folks you see in the background are part of the family that owns the place. from day till night, they string bits of meats, vegetables and other food items onto satay sticks in anticipation of the onslaught of customers in the evening.

what was left of my meal.

when it is time to pay the bill, a waitress will come over and count the number of sticks taken. you pay for what you don’t finish too, so waste not.

on the second day i visited my first aunt, who doesn’t get around much these days;

then a stall operated by of one of my aunts for lunch. i spent an entire afternoon there because it started to rain very heavily and i could not get to town. so i sat, i ate, i drank, and i made some pictures.

when the rain finally subsided, i went shopping at dataran pahlawan and mahkota parade, 2 of the malls in the middle of town.

faux snow with foam pellets. choking hazard, no?

santa fail.

the bus repair workshop/graveyard behind my aunt’s house;

more pictures of the area at dusk;

and my uncle’s obsession with the brick game.

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