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signs of life

i am sitting in the cold, beside a severely inadequate electric heater, contemplating the excitement and the anxiety that have overtaken my life, or at least for the next 5 months.

my time in nepal so far has proven to be very enjoyable, though not without the constant self-reflection on my presence here – if that will do me, or anyone for that matter, any good.

the posts on this blog have come far too sporadically, so i think it is high time to pick up the pace a little, to share a little more. in that way, i hope to attain some clarity in my thoughts as well.

the next couple of entries will be photos from 2 weddings i photographed end of last year. then it will be all nepal.

bedtime for now.

for more of my thoughts, click here.


One response

  1. ee na

    hey cheech,

    more updates please. and post pics, too.

    ee na

    Thursday January 7, 2010 at 12:03 pm

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