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my rss feeds have been swamped with photos and stories coming out of the destruction in haiti. the pictures present a horrifying visual narrative of the earthquake’s aftermath, while some of the stories are especially outrageous  – from how the lack of preparedness magnified the impact of the disaster, to how haitians, “who have been known to spend more money on their burial crypts than on their own homes“, are not being properly honoured and buried.

all the above aggregated and presented to eyes thousands of miles away, and yet how close the realisation should strike home – that nepal, especially kathmandu valley, is another haiti just waiting to happen, as hauntingly predicted by kunda dixit on the nepali times blog. the tune is the same: a long overdue earthquake, a dense and haphazard urban layout, with no concerted plan of action when the “big one” comes.

links galore —

for those interested in following developments in haiti, the new york times is a great resource for breaking news as well as human interest stories in general. the lens blog has been interspersing photo slideshows of scenes from haiti’s past and present. the new yorker has an article on “earthquakes and journalism” the wall street journal’s photo journal blog features dominic nahr’s coverage, which i am particularly impressed by. the boston globe’s big picture, with its plus-sized pictures, drives it home all the more.

more importantly, buy a print or a magazine to support the efforts in haiti.

for more on my thoughts, click here.


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