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the killer slope

drivers in nepal are known for their recklessness and blatant disdain for traffic rules. it would seem as though those same rules were written and destined only to be run over by the chaotic hordes on the roads. i tried to envision what being a traffic police here must be like – if a road maniac or the carcinogens don’t kill you, the frustration will.

just yesterday i witnessed a manifestation of the above while on my way to work – a bus driven off the road and hanging precariously off the side of a drop. good thing the driver was traveling uphill when that happened or the result might have been a lot worse. he was no longer around when i reached the scene but i didn’t see any trace of blood in the driver’s cab when i looked.

me and ahmad have taken to calling this particular stretch along satdobato-godavari road “the killer slope” (it took us a few tries before we conquered it on our bikes). that has now taken on a new meaning, of course.

better slow down when going downhill.

some of the passers-by trying to tow the bus back onto solid ground. i am not sure if it was wise for that man to go on the side (which is now the top) of the bus like that.

i initially thought this man was the driver. he was walking around the scene and tearing up a little. i asked him (mostly with hand gestures) if he was the driver and he said no. since no one around could really explain to me what happened, i assumed he was somehow hurt in the accident and got patched up on the spot.

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