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giving back

over the past couple of weeks, i have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing individuals who believe in giving a share of what they have been blessed with back to society. they are:

sir richard butler, philanthropist and a member of the pestalozziworld board of trustees. learn about pestalozziworld’s work in nepal from an interview my colleague suvayu pant conducted here.

bimala shrestha pokharel (front, centre), owner of higher ground cafe, bakery & crafts. higher ground actively seeks at-risk individuals, especially women, and those from the lower income group and provides them with training and job opportunities. read my article on the business here.

dan austin, filmmaker (his most famous work being true fans), cycling fanatic and one of the founders of 88bikes, a project that aims to empower children in rural areas all around the world with the freedom and joy of owning their own bicycle. read ahmad’s article on the project’s work in nepal here.

for more posts direct from nepal, click here.


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