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paradiso pokhara

arrived in pokhara yesterday after 9 hours on narrow mountainous roads that took the coach out of kathmandu valley into lower elevation, and into a blessedly warmer climate.

more to come in the following days but here’s a quickie update. spent the whole of yesterday mostly getting acquainted with the place, which is gorgeous and really laid-back. today i was out shooting some some paragliding action. won’t be posting the photos from that here for now, since the paper has yet to publish the story.

photos shot from the bus while on the road – or what i’d like to call “drive-by shootings” —

we are staying at hotel crown, which is a really affordable and comfortable place owned by a friend of a friend. view from the balcony —

my first actual beef steak since arriving in nepal. i hate buffalo meat, like from the creature below —

and they are all over the place —

for more posts direct from nepal, click here.


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