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people of the cloth

i accompanied suvayu, a colleague of mine, to a garment factory in balkumari to take some photos for his story on us-nepal trade relations with a focus on the garment industry. the industry, with exports to the states peaking at $50 million in 2005, has seen a dramatic fall to just $5 million last year. the slump is caused in part by the collapse of an agreement to give nepal-made garments “preferential access” to the us and also domestic infrastructural and labour woes. read his article here.

a story like that is tough to illustrate, so i was looking around to see if the environment would provide something i could incorporate that would add another layer of meaning to the photo. the photo above was the one i ultimately chose and captioned ‘pressing issues’. perhaps a little too wise-ass for my own good but hey, i had to get a picture!

cutting – no prim little scissors here. bulk and efficiency is paramount.

a cloth cake.

sewing – i was struck by how much the scene looks like something out of a movie. hollywood doesn’t always tell lies.


at least he was happy to have his picture taken. can’t ditto for the guy the above.

quality control.

for more posts direct from nepal, look here.


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