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shiny new apples

apple recently released new versions of the macbook and the macbook pro. of course, it will be old news by the time you read this. i don’t pretend to maintain a tech blog, unlike my brother’s. but having a brother who is extremely tech-savvy as well as the constant bombardment of advertising messages mean that it is impossible for me to not know these things.

apple’s designers seemed to have injected the genes of the imac into the new macbooks in terms of looks. to be perfectly honest, i am not really a fan of the black area bordering the display. seems to me like apple is trying to extend the palette of colours on their computers beyond the ones that they are already well-known for, such as white and silver. of course, this excludes the old emacs which i consider to be disasters.

performance-wise, i find nothing to jump for joy about on the software side, other than the features than os x users are already familiar with. there are definitely advances in terms of hardware. those looking at the macbook pro will have a 2.4 ghz, 2.58 ghz or 2.8 ghz option while those contemplating the macbook can choose either the 2 ghz or 2.4 ghz. as usual, ram is customizable, up to a maximum of 4 gb for both machines. same with the internal hard drives, which max out at 320 gb.

perhaps the most significant upgrade would have to be the inclusion of the new nvidia graphic cards. the macbook pro will hold the more powerful dedicated version of the nvidia graphic processors, together with the shared one that the macbook features.

on a personal note, i am starting to feel like i need (not want) a macbook pro. i am definitely not one of those gearheads who lust after every new technology in sight. thing is, i am beginning the feel the limitations of my 2 generations-old macbook, especially since the post-processing i do on my photography is very application-intensive and i like to run batch processes.

only problem now is that resources are not unlimited. since i am looking to replace my faithful but aging dslr end of the year, i might have to wait quite a while before i can even entertain the possibility of getting a shiny new apple. well, guess i have to make do with what i have at the moment.

the new macbook starts at S$2088 and the macbook pro at S$3188. both are available from apple online.

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the macbook affair

the laptop – one’s constant companion in the journey through tertiary life.in fact, it becomes central to life.

so it is true that time is the great harbinger of complacence. my macbook is about about 20 days over a year old, and of course i didn’t realised. at least not until i plonked down cold hard cash to extend it’s warranty (known as applecare) and realised that i could not register the serial number – as that has to be done within a year of the date of purchase.

i gave apple support a call and this is where their efficiency and helpfulness shone through. i explained to some dude called sunil somewhere in a call-centre in india (probably bangalore or chennai) that i had bought the applecare plan because i was misled by an email that apple sent me 2 days ago asking me to extend the warranty – even though i was no longer eligible to.

he opened a case file and directed me to call the ‘agreements’ department the following day and they sorted out the problem when i did – making an exception for my case. can’t complain about the customer service which is top-notch, even though i was abit irked by having to ‘please hold’ quite a few times. all’s well that ends well, so apple users, throw your hands in the air and rejoice.

now that i got some insurance for my macbook, it was time to give it a good ‘kick in the ass, pump up the veins’ treatment. so i went to funan earlier today to upgrade the RAM. i hope to see a significant improvement when i run photoshop and lightroom at the same time. in fact, i am going to try that now.

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fallen apple

the mac is down and so this space has been quiet and will remain so till i get my macbook back. hate blogging from work because daytime is not the time to be blogging, at least to me. somehow the cloak of night creates a more conducive atmosphere to share.

the keyboard and trackpad on my macbook stopped working, making me feel like i had my hands bound and lips stitched, with a mind overflowing on overdrive to boot.  apparently, this is a very common problem and the chap at the apple store said that i’d have it back in a week.

it is actually quite disgusting how the daily operation of my life has become so intertwined with that white, whirring thing. i now spend my evenings reading and watching animals devour each other on arts central. a nice change, i must admit.

wkwsci foc 2008 (what a mouthful, thanks to wee kim wee) is approaching and i am certainly looking forward to it. i seek to escape the mundanity that has now become a cornerstone of my life. 111 freshies to rag, an exciting bounty.

bought myself a new lens for my camera yesterday. have been wanting to for a while and finally saved enough cash to get it. hopefully, i’ll be able to patch the proverbial ‘hole’ with the shoots i have coming up. you can help too by referring me to whoever needs a photographer. i promise a finder’s fee, or a finder’s hearty meal.

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i have to say that after watching the virtual tour of the new mac operating system, leopard, i am impressed.

what i have always liked about the apple os is that it combines both aesthetic appeal and intuitive ease of use. i am convinced many believe that the apple system is hard to use because they are intimidated by the prospect of leaving their comfort zone and switching from the windows platform. the above can’t be further from the truth.

leopard is an upgrade form the tiger operating system, both in form and function. along with the sleek, seamless interface that the apple os is renowned for, leopard features 2 new additions that i particularly like – time machine and spaces.

time machine is basically an application that allows you to locate files from the past that you might have accidentally deleted. even though disk backup is common, time machine adds value in the sense that it provides a very intuitive search function, even to the extent of featuring a timeline that aids in the process.

spaces is an improvement on expose. for non-mac users, you might already be lost but this application gives mac users the ability to multitask, rapidly switching between different windows.

nothing beats actually viewing the video for yourself so click here.

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