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been slightly more than a week since i last blogged and i will blame that on the fact that i am currently on reservist training, and how army camps are well known for being deserts in terms of connectivity to the outside world.

i know this is going to sound bad but it has become a real struggle when i don’t get to check my e-mails (i use apple mail with auto-update so it’s worse), fiddle with facebook or simply surf the net in search of the millions of possibly interesting articles to read and photos to look at. as a result, my down-time (quite a lot) consists of reading ‘the undercover scientist’ (actually, not a bad book), having really juvenile conversations with my bunk-mates and making the next trip to the canteen.

also, i have to now check my e-mails vicariously through sarah (thanks babe!).

at the same time, i do realise that perhaps it is not altogether a bad thing that i have been yanked out of the messy matrix that is our world and thrown into a simpler lifestyle, at least for a couple of weeks. not having a computer in front of me has actually made me realise the massive amount of time spent online in my daily life. because of all the surplus time that i now have, i get to actually catch up on sleep, as well as just think about life in general.

most of all, it is refreshing to be chatting with people face-to-face, rather than via msn or twitter. i fear that in the near future, kids will no longer have the social skills to carry out a conversation with someone in person. after all, how many of us are already msn-ing our siblings, even when they are only in the next room?

be booking in to camp tonight for another week of training. anything that is urgent kindly call or sms. till next week, adios.

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little bro

this is yong hwee, my little bro.

come to think about it, he’s not going to be little for long. actually, he was never very little in the first place. should he decide one day that i seem like a good surface to plant his butt on and take a break, i don’t think i will be blogging anymore.

today he received THE letter. the very one sent out by those compelled to uphold the statute that all singaporean boys be whipped into man in the mighty man-mincing machine known as the SAF.

of course we know that this is not true in all cases. i know, because i have seen with mine own eyes how people leave the army armed with the new-found wisdom of skivving and making sorry excuses. truth be told, we all pick up some of that along the way.

knowing my bro, he won’t be one to run afoul of the law. i don’t think he has ever been indicted for anything his life so far, and i doubt that he will start swearing at his commanders anytime soon. although silently doing so while commiserating with the sad sobs in the same boat as him is inevitable.

so as he begins a new chapter of his life (i love this expression, it is such a cliche that it has transcended the realm of tastefulness), i wish him all the best and that he will learn to put his trust in the Almighty, and learn to talk to God (and his platoon mates of course) during those quiet nights in the jungles the way i did.

i am not sure that army will be the key factor in making him a man. at least he will learn how to fire a rifle and knock people down in close combat. that is all i can ask for as a brother. in fact, i am giving him a headstart. we have both decided to join the gym at the community centre near our place.

tsk, the things brothers do for each other.

and for the love of ________, please don’t end up a clerk. bunch of wusses.

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