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meeting the prime minister

well, not exactly. i did get my first picture of madhav kumar nepal yesterday though, on the show floor of info tech 2010 in kathmandu where i was doing a story at with ahmad. turned out makunay (as in his nepali initials) was the guest-of-honour. really charming of him to look into my lens. maybe he was just surprised that this photographer was not jostling with the rest of the press for choice angles.

no surprises here. with the murder of rajesh mandal, a maoist leader in parsa the day before, security was tight as it could be. maybe it’s just like this everytime the pm goes somewhere.

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black & white

i can understand why certain photographers refuse to make the switch from film to digital – and a large part of that is due to the aesthetic and feel of black & white film photography.

while it is true that it is possible to recreate that look with digital technology, which i have attempted here by restricting the tonal range and adding ‘noise’ to simulate ‘grain’, it can be argued that these inherent characteristics of b&w film photography are conceived at the click of the shutter. this ‘authenticity’ is thus a powerful motivation for the many who still hold on to the form.

when time came for me to post-process these images, the choice was easy. street photography and b&w photography are almost analogous, especially when one considers the fact that the greatest examples were made with this process. while my works fall far short of those standards, i only hope to invoke the spirit of this form, in tribute to the masters.

watch for more to come.

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a flower for you

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i have got to admit – after shooting russel wong yesterday, i have become a sucker for playing with light and shadows. above is my brother’s ‘mighty mouse’.

in fact, i took it a few steps further. the cardboard box that my macbook came in has been transformed into a homemade mini ‘studio’ with a proper surface and backdrop. go ahead and laugh. i couldn’t help it.

all these when i still have so much homework to do.

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