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false recesses

next week is supposedly recess week.

been a really, really busy period with me hardly able to set the camera down (not that the practice is a bad thing) – the weekly photojournalism assignments, the dapper shoots, a ROM last saturday (a wedding tomorrow as well), photos for the school newsletter and a corporate shoot for credit suisse (really exciting)  yesterday – add on the other school projects, not enough sleep and exercise and you got yourself a recipe for a major burnout.

i guess even the craziest photographers got to take a break sometime.

which is why i am rather glad that next week is recess week. though the backlog of photos to edit as well as the school projects that need attention will prevent me from truly having a good rest, i will take anything now – so long as i can take my foot off the pedal, however little.

some recent photos from the streets —

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a nice pace

i have to say, the past couple of weeks have been rather enjoyable, and well paced.

i am getting in a great mix of rest and work so far during this break. upon hindsight, i am kind of glad that i am not slogging away at at some internship and working my butt off, wondering to myself what lies at the end. then again, i probably would be saying something different if the situation was different. maybe it is better to leave the speculation aside and just embrace the moment.

doing freelance work is so much kinder to the schedule, though it is a different kind of responsibility. regardless, i enjoy so much the process of making images for my clients, and taking in their satisfaction. though the pressure to deliver is great, the fulfillment at the end makes it worthwhile.

for now i will need to process the photos from a wedding i shot last saturday (congratulations again to you, michael and rae, if you are reading this!). i want to get that done before i head up to gunung stong in kelantan for a little outdoor adventure this saturday. will try to get the pictures up here soon.

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mini break

i am really happy that the term break is here. what i mean is – i am happy that i get to wake up late without any set agenda except wait till i feel like getting something done, at which point i will go do it.

i am also thankful for the fact that i will be doing some freelance photography for dr cherian george, who was commissioned by the singapore maritime foundation to produce a publication. it is really coincidental since my previous project in creative strategies class was for that organisation too.

i personally think that this kind of work is the best, in that it is assignment-based and i am not confined to an office somewhere.

hell, i might even have time to catch up on my readings and get started on that art history term paper.

happy mini break to all.

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