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cucurrucucu paloma

“cucurrucucu paloma” performed by brazilian legend caetano veloso, in a scene from the 2002 movie “hable con ella” (talk to her). the english translation of the lyrics:

They say that at nights
all he could do was cry all the time
they say he won´t eat
all he could do was drink at all times
they swear that heaven itself
would tremble hearing his crying
He suffered so much for her
that even on his death he was calling her

ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, he cried
ay, ay ay ay ay, he sobbed
ay ay ay ay ay he sang
from a deadly passion, he died

That a sad sparrow
early in the morning goes to sing
at the lonely little house
with it´s liitle doors wide open
They swear that that sparrow
is nothing else than his soul
still waiting for her return

Cucucrrucucu, sparrow
cucucrrucucu, don´t cry
stones will never, sparrow
know anything about love

cucurrucucu, cucurrucucu
cucurrucucu, sparrow don´t cry

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