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1984 (fortress)

– the photo essay that i did for photojournalism class + my favourites from the assignment and a bonus picture.

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speed & the city

time-lapse photography i did for a recent school assignment. put together in quicktime pro and imovie.

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mrt pub crawl

if the above sounds cryptic to you, take comfort in the fact that i was stumped too when i first heard it.

from what i gathered chatting with the organisers earlier, the above event takes place once every semester. simply break down the individual terms and all of a sudden, things start to make sense. mrt = mass rapid transit, pub = watering hole(s) and crawl = move at an usually slow pace (in this case, the large mass of varsity students from the big 4 universities in singapore).

the idea behind this, according to the organisers, is to explore singapore, get drunk and have a good time, as well as meet folks from the other universities. the nanyang chronicle, the campus paper i shoot for, saw the news value in it and sent me to shoot the first half of the evening.

at about 7 p.m., a large group of youths gathered beneath boon lay mrt station to register and to collect the orange official event t-shirt. i was struck by the sheer size of the foreign student contingent, many of them caucasians on exchange (yeah, figure that they would embrace such occasions enthusiastically).

the participants were then divided into groups and briefed by the respective leaders, who explained that they will from boon lay station board the train, and disembark at pre-planned stations along the route to city hall, the final destination. at each stop, they will head to the nearest 7-11, cheers, kopitiam, etc. to drink (the alcoholic variety) and mingle before moving on. the final destination would be thumper at goodwork park hotel (where they are partying as i am writing this).

i am going to now let the photos do the talking.

gathering and registration at boon lay mrt.

a participant, seen through a hand-hold.

exiting jurong east station.

paying for beer while a fellow ‘consumer’ looks on.

in line for beer the singaporean way.

pleased with the acquisitions.

what the vision of a drunk photographer might be like.

ok, that’s that. i am going to sleep. been averaging 5 hours for the past few days and my body is starting to let me hear of it. the rest of the pictures will be up on my flickr in a few days.

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