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last images from nepal

i can claim lethargy and POISD (post overseas internship stress disorder)* but the truth is i just don’t really feel like writing. i hope you enjoy the images though.

from my trek in langtang


















from my shoot with scott mason, founder of parahawking



from the streets —



*not medically documented.

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my rss feeds have been swamped with photos and stories coming out of the destruction in haiti. the pictures present a horrifying visual narrative of the earthquake’s aftermath, while some of the stories are especially outrageous  – from how the lack of preparedness magnified the impact of the disaster, to how haitians, “who have been known to spend more money on their burial crypts than on their own homes“, are not being properly honoured and buried.

all the above aggregated and presented to eyes thousands of miles away, and yet how close the realisation should strike home – that nepal, especially kathmandu valley, is another haiti just waiting to happen, as hauntingly predicted by kunda dixit on the nepali times blog. the tune is the same: a long overdue earthquake, a dense and haphazard urban layout, with no concerted plan of action when the “big one” comes.

links galore —

for those interested in following developments in haiti, the new york times is a great resource for breaking news as well as human interest stories in general. the lens blog has been interspersing photo slideshows of scenes from haiti’s past and present. the new yorker has an article on “earthquakes and journalism” the wall street journal’s photo journal blog features dominic nahr’s coverage, which i am particularly impressed by. the boston globe’s big picture, with its plus-sized pictures, drives it home all the more.

more importantly, buy a print or a magazine to support the efforts in haiti.

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world press photo 2009

the results of the world press photo 2009 competition is out. click here to view the winning photo as well as to access the galleries containing the winners in the various categories.

this is a competiton that i follow closely because year after year, it yields the very best work in the field of photojournalism and on top of that, i am constantly amazed by the vision and the aesthetics on display. with the advent of new media, there is a general view in the industry that the days of shooting purely hard news is over.

with the proliferation of visual capture devices, hardly any newsworthy event is left undocumented. what sets the photojournalist apart is the ability to harness technology to not only tell the story, but tell the story in a way that is compelling and personal. perhaps the term ‘photo-diaryist’ might be more appropriate in this age.

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academic earth

another great resource introduced to me by my little bro. it is good that he is keeping his mind engaged and active during his downtime away from military training.

academic earth’s mission statement reads: “Academic Earth is an organization founded with the goal of giving everyone on earth access to a world-class education.” Sure, this sounds crazily ambitious but if you look at the existing educational content on the website and appreciate the inter-connectivity experienced by the world today, that begins to seem plausible.

the recorded video lectures span subjects such as literature, biology, entrepreneurship, philosophy, medicine and religion. these are delivered by the top scholars in the world of their respective fields and to the top academic institutions globally. i think that a paradigm shift is becoming apparent in the whole concept of education. a lot of it is of course due to how technology is reshaping how we access and use knowledge.

visit academic earth by clicking here.

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canon 5d mark II

just heard that canon has taken the shroud off this highly anticipated (and hyped) model in their eos line of dslrs, replacing the 5d (which price will hopefully drop substantially).

of note are the 21-megapixel sensor, digic IV processor and ability to shoot high-definition video. dpreview, as usual, has the most comprehensive write-up online.

the latter feature has caused quite a stir in the photographic community worldwide. while no one was surprised (since nikon released the d90 with video capture a few weeks ago), many are questioning the use of such a feature in cameras that are obviously meant to capture stills.

the main argument for such an inclusion is that the lines between photography and videography are becoming increasingly blurred. for instance, mediastorm, largely photojournalistic in nature, has been producing and featuring seminal works of journalism combining stills, videos and audio. if this indeed catches on as the trend, then video capture on dslrs will become ubiquitous in no time.

last heard is that this model will blow about US$2700 (body only) out of one’s pocket. i think i will steer clear for now, though my current camera is screaming to be buried.

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