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a peculiar sort-
jack was.

took his heart,
they left a spring
in his step.
that he might ply trades-
a smiling dead.

sees all, feels none.
returns as Geppetto’s
prodigal own.

on his lap he’ll ask:
“will she lie to make
me real again?”

“or do i die as i am?”

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my heart and my feet
work together.
my heart and my feet work
disparate rhythms.

pistonised and pumping,
never swift as night
or as fleeting as day.
yet i am a ghost that
runs on runs on

the line between life and death –
just one false step…

among countless others,
the pain
the thirst.

15 steps more,
i’m numbed to the world.

gasoline sheesha mixed
with endorphin high —
and when i stop –

yes, it’s about time.

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a boy watches
his pensive hands,
as his dad holds
his storybook –
– under a running tap.

their brows furrowed
‘neath fluorescent lights,
the mirrors’ tale –
– balanced with daylight.

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free tree

one more day among
creeping vines in tangletine;
burst in to sunlight.

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the little white book

round face, round face
roundabout face
eyes like beads, eyes like beads
blankly stare at me.

shift past: you’re still in line,
just i’m now behind.
hindsight of your frumpy dress,
bled my raging eyes.

now out comes that little book,
the one you used to wave.
ever since the red was gone,
you’re in a perpetual daze.

why the invasion?
why the defiance?
as though we’re out to get you.

but we are.

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