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unearthing the hatched

me and sarah celebrated our 1-year anniversary together with a breakfast at “hatched”. when we entered, i suggested that we take the seat beside the windows, where soft morning light was coming through. i know – such photographer behaviour.

we had “bacon rap” to start —

followed by “burly benedict”, which is eggs benedict but with wagyu beef. delicious.

and to top it off, we had a waffle. i can’t remember what they called it, though they have got some special name for it. love the way they presented the butter and the maple syrup.

and to really top it off, a couple of quick portraits with the gorgeous window light. sarah’s comment on the picture right below: “i need a haircut”.

through the drinking glass —

after stuffing ourselves, we went to coffee bean at guthrie house to study (yes, i do study). rather anti-climatic but this is the exam period.

i am sure i have said this before, i am so thankful that i have sarah in my life. she is a real blessing to me, and i am most struck by how supportive and loving she is when it comes to my hopes and fears.

i only pray that i don’t let her down, and all the other people around me who care as well.

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50 1.4

i recently got my hands on canon’s 50mm f1.4 lens and i have to say, it is a piece of glass that i forsee will aid in expanding my visual palette!

i don’t really consider myself a gear-head but hey, everyone loves new toys from time to time. the previous lens that i owned which is similar to this is the 50mm f1.8. it is resting in pieces now, literally, after a fateful encounter with my camera strap, which caught and hurled it to the floor.

so far, the 2 things about the lens that i am most impressed with are its sharpness and its ability to throw the background really out of focus at f1.4. auto-focus speed on the lens is pretty fast too.

needless to say, i can also shoot in low-light conditions now without having to crank up the iso speed on my camera and still maintain an acceptable shutter speed.

on a 1.6x crop body like mine, the effective focal length works out to about 80mm. not really great for street photography (as opposed to 50mm on a full-frame camera, though some say 40mm actually replicates our eyes’ field of vision) but a fantastic option for portraiture.

been shooting mostly headshots of friends with it since i got the lens. i doubt that this lens will overtake my 17-55mm f2.8 as my main lens largely because i like to shoot wide but i will still definitely be using it a fair bit.

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in my head, in my heart… & on my blog


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