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have been experimenting with the square crop a little, and it is a little more challenging in terms of composition than the typical 2:3 or 3:4 ratios that i am more familiar with.

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fire & cold

sometimes, there simply is no need to be so deliberate about photography. i think making pictures like these helps to balance the forces within.

the recipe for the photos above – a rainy night, a moving bus, slow shutter, lack of focus (in every sense) and a world of lights outside.

let it hang man.

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light static & the swan thing

i was at bottle tree park at khatib catching up with an old friend after dinner. please don’t take pictures if you really intend on catching up with friends. it is a conversation-killer.


this one above to set the context.

now add the 2 pictures below…



… and you will get:


can you spot the swan? hint: it’s in the middle.

what about this one? no hint.


and this one below?


that’s all. good night now.

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street angels

today was supposed to be study day, but i think i have to stop kidding myself. went out to the streets after a brief and largely unsucessful spell in the library@the frontier (shaping up to be a western epic) with my camera.

i have been intending to try the whole texture/grunge look for a while and today an appropriate scene presented itself for this particular treatment. i call this one ‘grit of the street’.

the next one i’d like to call ‘miss faux perry’. look closely and you might get it. my apologies about the skin tone. porcelain is as porcelain does.

best of all, she doesn’t complain.

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in the third

i am at the moment trying to figure out what to put in the ‘about’ section of my soon to be completed online photography portfolio (a proper website, finally). this is actually a lot more difficult than it seems. one would think that with the practice facebook provides when one updates his/her status, writing in the third person would be a breeze.

it is very uncomfortable, for me at least, to write a paragraph about me that begins ‘Chang is…’ or something like that. i can’t get past the second sentence without sounding like a puff-headed megalomaniac having an out of body experience.

i suppose writing a bio in the third person lends an air of professionalism and credibility, because you can’t appear to be blowing your own trumpet. someone else, your third self, has to do the honours for you. it really is quite amusing everytime i read a glowingly impreesive bio of someone when i know that the said person probably wrote it.

chang is toying with the idea of writing something self-deprecating. it will be in the third person, of course.

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