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have been experimenting with the square crop a little, and it is a little more challenging in terms of composition than the typical 2:3 or 3:4 ratios that i am more familiar with.

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been busy the past couple of days, mostly with editing my photos and also assisting wei ming of stardust imaging with a school yearbook shoot.

frankly speaking, i was pleasantly surprised that some schools these days are insisting that their yearbooks be creatively conceptualised, designed and photographed, unlike the usual boring fare that characterises this business.

it is really an experience to watch a seasoned photographer at work, to try to understand what goes on in the photographer’s mind by observing his actions. no amount of theory from books can be better than “real-life education”. you may think you know everything until you notice the little tricks and techniques, probably also picked up through years of assisting and shooting.

will be shooting a wedding lunch tomorrow and then it’s back to clearing the backlog. i just bought a lonely planet guide for nepal so i will be going through that from cover to cover. like yusuf said, the 4 of us going just wish that this semester could be over and done with so we can start our little adventure abroad.

let time run its course.

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false recesses

next week is supposedly recess week.

been a really, really busy period with me hardly able to set the camera down (not that the practice is a bad thing) – the weekly photojournalism assignments, the dapper shoots, a ROM last saturday (a wedding tomorrow as well), photos for the school newsletter and a corporate shoot for credit suisse (really exciting)  yesterday – add on the other school projects, not enough sleep and exercise and you got yourself a recipe for a major burnout.

i guess even the craziest photographers got to take a break sometime.

which is why i am rather glad that next week is recess week. though the backlog of photos to edit as well as the school projects that need attention will prevent me from truly having a good rest, i will take anything now – so long as i can take my foot off the pedal, however little.

some recent photos from the streets —

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dapper selects (so far this semester)

here are some of my favourites from the dapper shoots so far this semester. really great to be working with carina, audrey, ahmad and yudi again. of course, we warmly welcome into our midst ruiqi who will be doing hair/make-up (something that we did not have last semester). the shoots are always so enjoyable, and though they are sometimes physically and mentally taxing, i am sure we all look back and agree that the effort spent was well worth it.

many thanks to our models too. you all make the pictures.

a couple more issues to go!

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faces & friends from camp

i had a really good break last week at camp, just hanging out and catching up with friends. really enjoyed the late night suppers and irreverent chatter, which was peppered with references to ‘the struggle’, well-conceptualised by thiam peng and finely elucidated by wei li here.

photography-wise, i shot mostly with my 50mm. i was not looking to cover the camp, rather capture expressions and moments, generally for myself and my friends. below i have posted my favourites.

wei li posing with weed bombs. patent pending.

marcus not acting his age, haha. you are awesome man.

kudos to the various foc 2009 committees for doing a magnificent job and no doubt giving the freshies a camp that they will never forget. clearly, a lot of heart and soul went into this effort and i am sure that a bar has been set, and it will one for future committees to aspire to and to even surpass.

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