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sypa 2010 selects

above are my entries for the 2010 singapore young photographer award. missed the deadline last time round and since this is my last opportunity to enter this bi-annual competition, i thought i’d give it a go. much love and thanks to my dear sarah for helping me with the process given my absence from singapore.

from top — champagne glasses and petals (abstract), sinatra (portrait), sepia arcadia #1 (nature), tattoo artist (people at work), saivite sadhu (portrait), flight of the light (night scene).

view the competition website here.

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bryan & eunice

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dapper selects (so far this semester)

here are some of my favourites from the dapper shoots so far this semester. really great to be working with carina, audrey, ahmad and yudi again. of course, we warmly welcome into our midst ruiqi who will be doing hair/make-up (something that we did not have last semester). the shoots are always so enjoyable, and though they are sometimes physically and mentally taxing, i am sure we all look back and agree that the effort spent was well worth it.

many thanks to our models too. you all make the pictures.

a couple more issues to go!

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