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king yang & joanne

here is me sharing some of my favourites from the ROM ceremony of king yang and joanne that i photographed a couple of saturdays ago. the ceremony took place at the clubhouse of westmere condominium and it was a really nice, intimate affair with close friends and family. the weather threatened to spoil the proceedings but thankfully the clouds cleared up in time to reveal a lovely afternoon. enjoy!

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on to other matters, i am really looking forward to attending the freshmen orientation camp next week as an “old bird”, hanging out with and just chilling with the guys. then it is in-camp training for a couple of weeks that i am not looking forward that much to but i suppose it would be a nice change of lifestyle for that little while.

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cj & suzanne

above is the audio slideshow of the recent wedding of cj and suzanne that i shot at raffles hotel. many thanks once again to david for letting me tag along!

to view a larger version, click here.

i have included some of my favourite stills from the wedding below.

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asian journalism fellowship 2009

an event i shot a couple of weeks ago. trying out presenting the photos in the form of a video slideshow with music but the image quality is kind of bad, especially just right after the transitions. think it is probably something to do with the frame rate and the compression.

if you have any ideas on how i can tackle this, please leave a comment!

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