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deluge of photos of deluge

trip_last_resort (1)

went to the last resort on the 17th and 18th of april for the sundance music festival. the festival was ok. being on the road there and back was far more interesting.

trip_last_resort (2)

buses outside the valley are often filled to the brim and beyond. space on the bus is only limited by the number of handholds and one’s imagination.

trip_last_resort (3)

loud and brightly-coloured vehicles such as these are the rule, breaking up the monotonous earth tones of the landscape.

trip_last_resort (5)

sanjog getting antsy from waiting for the show to start.

trip_last_resort (6)

view of the bhote kosi river from a suspension bridge over it.

trip_last_resort (7)

kids running across said bridge, much to the annoyance of the rest on it.

trip_last_resort (8)

artist catherine biyoka kicks off an abstract art performance to improvised music. this item got the otherwise bored audience to their feet around the performers.

trip_last_resort (9)

milan rai, with the nearly completed work, behind.

trip_last_resort (10)

this gentleman was watching the performance intently. i was distracted by his bald head.

trip_last_resort (11)

nirakar yakthumba, bassist of nepali band 1974 a.d., improvises on the bass.

trip_last_resort (12)

milan rai in action.

trip_last_resort (13)

trip_last_resort (14)

trip_last_resort (15)

trip_last_resort (16)

just about 40-50km from the last resort on the way back to kathmandu, we hit a landslide on the arniko highway. it had been raining persistently since morning and the landscape was transformed into a mess. traffic was brought to a standstill, and unwilling to sit it out, a few of us decided to leave the bus and cross the landslide on foot. on the other side, we would then seek transport back. following photos from yusuf’s camera.

on the road.

after about 15-20 minutes of walking, we hitchhiked a pickup truck with an open back. it was bad enough that the drizzle was slowly drenching us without needing the driver, who is road maniac first class, cornering as if he was driving a maserati. i can’t say we didn’t have fun though.

just like a mexican illegal immigrant, i was rocking a faux poncho. just need a sombrero to complete the get-up.

i call this look “purepleasurepain”.

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biker face

was covering chain inc.’s mountain bike festival at gyanodaya school, bhainsepati, when i decided to take a break from shooting the action and focus on the expressions of the participants. nothing too serious, just a departure from the standard stuff.

the event, mainly targeted at kids, is one in a series that chain inc. hopes to organise to promote mountain biking in the country for health and environmental benefits. kathmandu for instance, with its ever-increasing motor traffic, is one of the most congested and polluted cities in the world.

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i got the go-ahead to share the photos from yesterday’s basketball shoot and here are some. most of these pictures were made with a nikon d300 belonging to joel and a long lens. i have to admit, the colours and clarity of the photos straight out of the camera were amazing. am i going to switch systems? well, if something untoward happens i just might. highly unlikely though, haha.

^ rain delayed the start of the activities. so when it stopped, the organisers got into the act of trying to dry the surface. everyone helped. including him.

^ v fringe activities. this game was hot in taiwan when i went there a while ago.

one of the players warming up and getting ready to go. ^

v some of the action.

think i am probably going to be shooting basketball again next saturday. hopefully, i got enough practice.

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