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they have come


did a self-portrait yesterday and being the good friend that yusuf is, he has suggested the picture below as the inspiration, or retrospection.

speaking of inspiration, i bought a collection of really great ad photography from basheer bookstore at bras basah. i highly recommend the shop for its selection and friendly service. new things are nice to photograph.



!neu camera

canon 5d mk II

had wanted to shoot my new camera when i unboxed it, and finally gotten down to it. definitely not groundbreaking stuff but more a study of light for me.

i think i have to start shooting stuff as they come out of the box. build a portfolio. let me know if you have any new toys you want photographed.

the birthday present

since i put in so much effort in wrapping sarah’s present and making the card, i thought, why not do a still-life shoot of them? could be an excellent pictorial record after the wrapping paper gets torn to bits. it did get torn to bits. i hope the card is fine.

here is the set-up for the first picture:


main light used was a sb-800 through an umbrella with removable backing half removed to control spill of light. grid spotted canon 430ex gelled blue to create the “halo” of blue as well as light the background. the 430ex was powered 1 – 1.5 stops over the main light.

gift was sitting on a  piece of black construction paper with a white corrugated board as the background. both these items just happened to be lying around.

guess what was used to prop the background up?


the set-up for the second shot just required a quick switch-around:


main light in pretty much the same position, just that it was shifted off a bit to the left. silver reflector on camera right for fill. what you don’t see in this frame is the position of the backlight. here it is:


same grid-spotted canon 430ex for highly-directional light. a gold gel was used for the final picture instead of the blue as seen in the picture above. i was experimenting with the colours. the 430ex was powered 1 – 1.5 stops over the main light.

photos were then touched up a little in photoshop.

there you have it – simple strobist 2 light setup that you can also do in the comfort of your bedroom.

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i have got to admit – after shooting russel wong yesterday, i have become a sucker for playing with light and shadows. above is my brother’s ‘mighty mouse’.

in fact, i took it a few steps further. the cardboard box that my macbook came in has been transformed into a homemade mini ‘studio’ with a proper surface and backdrop. go ahead and laugh. i couldn’t help it.

all these when i still have so much homework to do.

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