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of murphy’s law & the national library board

murphy’s law – anything that can possibly go wrong, does.

in all my years as a member of the national library board, i have seldom had cause to complain, except for the constant reminders i get in the mail to pay my fines.

and while i was doing exactly that this evening, everything that could have possibly gone south did go south. i was trying to pay my fines at one of the new machines located with the borrowing kiosks when my atm card got stuck. which was ok because technology is far from divine, so it does err. i then got one of the staff to help me get the card out, which she did, except that it came out with the black magnetic strip on the back of the card chipped.

i tried the ez-link card next. i stood in front of the machine like a fool for 2-3 minutes with the word “processing” flashing. you would think that after that long my fines would have been processed but no – i got the message “unable to process at this time”. what made it worse was that the amount was already deducted from the ez-link card. one of the ladies at the counter then just shrugged her shoulders and told me that there was nothing she could do because the machines are linked to some “server” (probably big brother’s matrix) and that the “computer” (ditto) will not allow me to borrow anything as my fines were technically still uncleared.

then of course, it was closing time. got to be the best in terms of resolution if you ask me. just like something out of a movie, the plot advanced by a series of unfortunate circumstances (take that, 227!).

speaking of movies, i caught “revolutionary road” at lido with sarah this afternoon. so it is true that middle america suburbia is the true asylum of asylums. not a good movie to watch if your relationship is on the rocks or if you are pondering deep, cosmic existentialist questions.

on a more optimistic note, i will be unemployed during the summer break the way things are going. applied for an internship at the strait’s times photodesk but got rejected. apparently, times are so bad that companies are turning even cheap labour away. either that or they got a waiting list a mile long. fringe benefit of being a monopoly i guess.

no problems though, i am looking forward to doing some personal work for the portfolio and just wandering aimlessly around with the camera and allowing circumstances to reveal its easter eggs to my eyes. could prove to be a fruitless endeavour but certainly more worthwhile then going up against bungling bureacracies.

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