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bryan & eunice

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eugene & chia jin

here’s sharing the photos from eugene & chia jin’s ROM below, which i photographed a few weeks ago but haven’t had the time to do a post about it due to the crazy amount of work.

i had a really wonderful time at the lunch, with great food and even better company. it was a small affair set in the flutes at fort canning, with close friends and family in attendance – and laughter in abundance. the couple’s zest for life and love of fun clearly came through in the photos, i felt.

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fast track photographer


the title of this post is also the title of a book by dane sanders, wedding photographer and educator extraordinaire out of newport beach in the states, that i finished reading while lazing around in camp during my recent reservist stint.

this book is certainly different from other photography books i have come across. you won’t get f-stops or shutter speeds here. the focus is not even on the business of photography, though at face value that is what it appears to be.

rather, sanders is concerned about the business and marketing of the photographer, which in essence sets the premise for the rest of the book. he explains that with the homogenization (big word, i know) of photography, it is no longer possible to be known for simply shooting fantastic images, especially when people are already drowning in the sea of photos all around (just look at facebook).

thus, sanders believes that the spotlight should be on the photographer, and examining what changes can be made to either transform an indivisual into a dependable freelance, contractual photographer or a maverick signature, brand-name photographer (like him), depending on the personality and preferences of that individual.

with those 2 types forming the foundation, sanders then go into the details. he identified 14 key factors that makes up a photographer’s ‘DNA’ (or pDNA), determining which of the 2 types a photographer falls under and what needs to be done to further improve his/her current practices.

the 14 pDNA quotients are: experience, self-starter, program-starter, confidence, risk tolerance, need for control, need for collaboration, artistic identity, entrepreneurial identity, attractiveness, grumpy factor, creativity from people, creativity from self and self-promotion.

while this book is targeted primarily at wedding photographers, i believe that the principles espoused are relevant to photographers in every genre, especially if their concerns are marketing and growing the business in this day and age. i think that the photography world has been thirsting for literature like this for a long while.

not going to say more. go pick up the book, you won’t regret it.

on to other news, i am bracing myself for non-stop shooting and editing this coming weekend and the start of next week. looks to be fun though. good thing the bugs let me off in time.

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king yang & joanne

here is me sharing some of my favourites from the ROM ceremony of king yang and joanne that i photographed a couple of saturdays ago. the ceremony took place at the clubhouse of westmere condominium and it was a really nice, intimate affair with close friends and family. the weather threatened to spoil the proceedings but thankfully the clouds cleared up in time to reveal a lovely afternoon. enjoy!

thanks for looking! if you like my photography and want to see more, please visit my portfolio site at www.chang-photography.com.

on to other matters, i am really looking forward to attending the freshmen orientation camp next week as an “old bird”, hanging out with and just chilling with the guys. then it is in-camp training for a couple of weeks that i am not looking forward that much to but i suppose it would be a nice change of lifestyle for that little while.

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all about the details

an integral part of covering a wedding is ensuring that the details and setting that the couple has painstakingly pondered over are captured. sure, these photos may be devoid of people, but they add to and help complete the big day’s haul of pictures.

here are a few from a recent wedding. enjoy!

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