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backstage access

for this session of dapper, we wanted to give our viewers a peek behind the scenes of a typical shoot, albeit in a stylized manner.

many thanks to my 2 wonderful stylists for all the hard work, all the beautiful models who have graced our shoots and all who have helped in one way or another through the year. been hell of a journey.

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hollywood redux

above is a series i shot for my school’s dinner & dance, old tales of hollywood. i am not going to go into the technical details of how this series was shot, like i usually do. you can read about it on my flickr.

instead, i want to record on this space my gratitude to all the people who made this shoot happen. it is true that artistic collaboration can sometimes produce the most surprising results.

so in no particular order, many thanks to hendric and committee for having enough faith in me to do this, as well as handling the styling and logistics in such an impressive manner that allowed me to focus solely on lighting and shooting.

to all the contestants for being game enough to go along with the concept, and for being really spontaneous in front of the camera.

to ahmad for being a very patient and efficient help (owe you one + a lot).

to rui qi, carina and xiao xuan – you girls did such a fantastic job with with the hair and make-up!

and to all the rest who contributed in one way or another, thank you.

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faces & friends from camp

i had a really good break last week at camp, just hanging out and catching up with friends. really enjoyed the late night suppers and irreverent chatter, which was peppered with references to ‘the struggle’, well-conceptualised by thiam peng and finely elucidated by wei li here.

photography-wise, i shot mostly with my 50mm. i was not looking to cover the camp, rather capture expressions and moments, generally for myself and my friends. below i have posted my favourites.

wei li posing with weed bombs. patent pending.

marcus not acting his age, haha. you are awesome man.

kudos to the various foc 2009 committees for doing a magnificent job and no doubt giving the freshies a camp that they will never forget. clearly, a lot of heart and soul went into this effort and i am sure that a bar has been set, and it will one for future committees to aspire to and to even surpass.

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freni promo shoot + dinner

l-r: shi hui, tze, lide, walter, liz. check out the details and the props!

did a really fun photoshoot for some friends a couple of days ago to make some pictures to promote their group in the upcoming wkwsci orientation camp next week. it was a nice get-together at sarah’s place (with the super cool old-world-looking basmement!) for dinner followed by the shoot.

since the theme of this year’s camp has a mafia-ish feel to it, we wanted to do something in the same grain – thus the choices of costumes and location that that you see. before i move into the technical stuff, just want to thank yudi for being an awesome assistant (always brings great insights and ideas to the shoots), sarah for being a wonderful host and supplying the food and location, and of course, the cast – tze, lide, shi hui and walter for being so fun and sporting and a pleasure to work with.

for the first photo on top, we had a speedlight close to camera right set to bounce light off the white ceiling for general fill. since there were a couple of available light sources (the lamp lighting shi hui and a spotlight on the ceiling lighting liz), we wanted to incorporate those into the setup and achieved that by setting a slower shutter speed to allow them to “burn in”. the main light was a CTO-gelled (for warmth) speedlight with omnibounce attached and pointed straight down from the ceiling to simulate a bare bulb. we flagged the side pointed at the wall to minimise ugly specular highlights from forming.

since the lamp was rather strong, there was a noticeable light falloff from left to right before we corrected that with a speedlight (low and right of camera) fired into a relector to match the brightness of the left. i then had to do quite a bit of selective colour-correction in photoshop to match the different colour temperatures of the various light sources.

for the set of images that you see above, we set up a speedlight bounced off a reflective umbrella right of the lamp, high and aimed at the subject to make it seem as though the lamp was actually the light source (it would have been too harsh a light if we were to use it). we had a reflector out of frame on the left to lift the shadows a little. that was it, simple setup.

i then wanted to try a low-key portrait with a warm light as the main and a cool light as the kicker. turned the camera’s white balance setting to tungsten to get a bluish tone (for the kicker light) and gelling the main light orange for the warmth.  the shutter speed was set near maximum sync-speed to remove all the ambient light (turning the background pure black). 2 light sources for this – a speedlight, gelled orange, bounced off a reflective umbrella right and just out of frame and another speedlight grid-spotted to control the spill, left of frame. got the following:

for the fun of it, i also made a “movie poster” version by combining the 5 pictures above in photoshop and bumping up the contrast and stripping a bit of the colour for the edgy look.

and of course, i had to get my portrait of sarah. another one for the collection!

thanks for reading! hope this was informative.

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art of war

above is the final layout for the current installment of “dapper”. for readers who do not know what that is, it is basically the fashion spread that i shoot for the nanyang chronicle, a student-run campus newspaper that i am currently also working on as one of the photo editors. click here for a larger version of the page.

below are the 6 shots that went into this issue. note that the black backgrounds in all the 6 photos are not the original backgrounds. they were actually inserted after i etched out the 6 characters for the layout itself. the original backgrounds were quite bad even though we shot in a studio, largely because the backdrops available were not big enough that i could shoot full-body photos at a variety of angles without getting the rest of the wall and the pulleys for the backdrops in.

a word of advice to fellow photographers, if you ever intend to replace the background of your images during the post-process, shoot the subjects against a colour such as white, green or blue, or a colour that provides separation , so that the process can be expedited. i made the silly error of shooting against black. needless to say, it was hell to pay when i tried etching the individual figures out.

my deepest gratitude to tiffany and mark for agreeing to model for this shoot, to yusuf too for helping me to set up the lights and stand in as the test subject, and to victoria for doing hair and makeup. also, special thanks to everyone else who contributed gear and/or expertise to the shoot.

and of course, my 2 lovely stylists audrey and carina for working so hard on getting the clothes, doing the styling and layout. i think we are becoming a really solid team and i envision even greater things ahead!

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