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giving back

over the past couple of weeks, i have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing individuals who believe in giving a share of what they have been blessed with back to society. they are:

sir richard butler, philanthropist and a member of the pestalozziworld board of trustees. learn about pestalozziworld’s work in nepal from an interview my colleague suvayu pant conducted here.

bimala shrestha pokharel (front, centre), owner of higher ground cafe, bakery & crafts. higher ground actively seeks at-risk individuals, especially women, and those from the lower income group and provides them with training and job opportunities. read my article on the business here.

dan austin, filmmaker (his most famous work being true fans), cycling fanatic and one of the founders of 88bikes, a project that aims to empower children in rural areas all around the world with the freedom and joy of owning their own bicycle. read ahmad’s article on the project’s work in nepal here.

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false recesses

next week is supposedly recess week.

been a really, really busy period with me hardly able to set the camera down (not that the practice is a bad thing) – the weekly photojournalism assignments, the dapper shoots, a ROM last saturday (a wedding tomorrow as well), photos for the school newsletter and a corporate shoot for credit suisse (really exciting)  yesterday – add on the other school projects, not enough sleep and exercise and you got yourself a recipe for a major burnout.

i guess even the craziest photographers got to take a break sometime.

which is why i am rather glad that next week is recess week. though the backlog of photos to edit as well as the school projects that need attention will prevent me from truly having a good rest, i will take anything now – so long as i can take my foot off the pedal, however little.

some recent photos from the streets —

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mini break

i am really happy that the term break is here. what i mean is – i am happy that i get to wake up late without any set agenda except wait till i feel like getting something done, at which point i will go do it.

i am also thankful for the fact that i will be doing some freelance photography for dr cherian george, who was commissioned by the singapore maritime foundation to produce a publication. it is really coincidental since my previous project in creative strategies class was for that organisation too.

i personally think that this kind of work is the best, in that it is assignment-based and i am not confined to an office somewhere.

hell, i might even have time to catch up on my readings and get started on that art history term paper.

happy mini break to all.

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don’t pray for work

more jobs please!!! – i keep complaining to anyone who would listen that daaannng, i need more jobs! if only i can just get a couple more this month, i could [insert how i would spend the cash]…

it is true that work of a freelance nature comes in spurts. at the start of the month, i only had a wedding lined up. at this moment i would have shot the wedding (yesterday), a basketball tounament (today), a community leaders’ forum for mendaki (couple of weeks ago) with another event for them lined up late this month (many thanks to stanley of topixstudio for the mendaki gigs).

well, i have to admit that a rapidly-stacking backlog of photos to edit is not that bad, since that indicates that i am being kept busy. you know what they say – an idle mind is the devils workshop.

good photography saps energy – shooting on back to back days is quite tough, as i learned today. i finished shooting the wedding about 11 plus last night and reached home past midnight. shooting weddings is a fantastic cure for insomnia. woke up at about 11 today, then for the basketball shoot at 2. i guess i was not so physically tired as much as mentally tired.

contrary to popular belief, photography requires a great deal of thinking (composition, watching the light, switching settings on camera, catching moments and expressions, etc.) both technically and aesthetically.

in fact, i am so stoned in the head now that i am having great difficulty finding the right words to type. that’s ok, i have run out of stuff to say. so i am going to share some pictures instead.


this one was shot outside the ballroom where the community leaders’ forum, organised by mendaki, was held.

from a skit performed at same event as above. don’t know what her name is, but i think this lady is a popular actress on malay shows.


group portrait of the junior team of the fastbreak basketball club.


a little something from the wedding that i shot yesterday. watch this space for more.

if you like my stuff and want to see more, visit my flickr or website (seriously begging for an update).

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i am into the 2nd week of work at eitzen and i must say that i am beginning to notice some rather interesting things that i thought i’d share.

every morning, at precisely 8.45 am, the waft of fragrant oil permeates the area around my desk. problem is, the smell isn’t really that fragrant. i was recently informed of the source by a colleague and for fear of being labeled a racist, i’ll hold my tongue at this point.

i am still learning of the company’s hierarchy but it isn’t hard to tell who’s above who by observing the interactions in the office. just got to look out for the air of dismissiveness. whoever has got more of that is probably above you… unless that person is trying to get you to do work that he/she should be doing.

the culture is pretty relaxed, and this is the case the further you move away from the managing director’s office. since the company space has an ‘open’ design, you can’t help but hear every dirty joke and every blatant attempt at flirting. the MD doesn’t know what is going on. his head is filled with idealistic renditions of the ‘tortoise and hare’ story.

angularity is the name of the game. the office is a big box filled with many small boxes.

i am thinking of doing a photo project called ‘the office’. watch this space.

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