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have been experimenting with the square crop a little, and it is a little more challenging in terms of composition than the typical 2:3 or 3:4 ratios that i am more familiar with.

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street angels

today was supposed to be study day, but i think i have to stop kidding myself. went out to the streets after a brief and largely unsucessful spell in the library@the frontier (shaping up to be a western epic) with my camera.

i have been intending to try the whole texture/grunge look for a while and today an appropriate scene presented itself for this particular treatment. i call this one ‘grit of the street’.

the next one i’d like to call ‘miss faux perry’. look closely and you might get it. my apologies about the skin tone. porcelain is as porcelain does.

best of all, she doesn’t complain.

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urban decay

clockwise from top: “going under”, “untitled”, “kink in the system”, “shadow of its former self”.

there is something about old hdb estates that enchants – walls peeling to reveal the whitewash beneath; gaudy coats of paint that bring to mind the images of tarty has-beens; and of course rusty wares casually strewn around, yet they seem to be loosely bound by some sort of order. the cheerful shrieks of mischievous kids running past the dirt and the grit providing a melody, while the thumping of jackhammers hold the rhythm – an unlikely soundtrack to the scene. it’s in these places that a memory or a curse can be found around the next corner. it’s in these places that things are found.

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town walkabout

the above are a few from yesterday’s walkabout around town. it was great spending a day just milling about, looking out for interesting sights and chatting with kyle, who brought his camera along too. we managed to cover the esplanade/singapore river area before lunch. the bright sun with the appearance of a fine day disappeared shortly after we had a chance to explore the tanjung pagar area a little, after which a light rain nudged us towards a starbucks for a coffee. we then walked about ann siang hill and club street, then back towards the cbd area when the rain subsided, squinting up at the towers and shooting a bit more, and watched as the great cauldron of the sky brewed it dark magic and as anticipated, rained on our parade. it was time to head home anyway.

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from the photomarathon




above are some pictures i shot yesterday during the photomarathon. i have to say, walking around the whole day taking pictures was more exhausting than i had initially thought it would be. though i didn’t win anything, i relish the experience and will definitely be back for more next year. thanks to all my friends who so graciously agreed to pose as models in my pictures. props to canon too for organising such a well-run event.

that’s john cosgrove in the picture with us by the way. he’s the official photographer of amazing race asia and one of the judges of the photomarathon. bloody good chap.

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